Generation XXX Black LP

  1. Doing It For The Kids
  2. Best Damn Tits
  3. I Love It
  4. Dude's Gonna Shoot
  5. Fat Hookers
  6. The Jerk
  7. James Got A Blow Job
  8. Perfect Reject
  9. Ain't Too Cool (Monster Pt. 2)
  10. Just Another Cunt
  11. Someone Too..
  12. I Hate Your Guts
  13. Dead End Job
  14. Saying GoodBye
  15. Another Stupid Song
  16. I Love To Fuck
  17. Mother I'd Like To Fuck
  18. Tania Got A TitJob
  19. Joe's Sister
  20. Rock & Roll Bitch
  21. Give It A Rest
  22. Ain't No One Getting Laid
  23. Kicked Out
  24. Disease's Last Stand
  25. I Really Like Girls

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