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Vulnerable Deluxe Translucent Blue LP

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Vulnerable Deluxe Translucent Blue LP

  • Deluxe LP, Limited-Time Repressing Translucent Blue*
  • Download card
  • Stencil

*Please note that the translucent blue deluxe LPs are a one-time pressing limited to 300 units.

  1. I Come Alive
  2. This Fire
  3. Hands and Faces
  4. Put Me Out
  5. Shine
  6. Now That You're Dead
  7. Give Me Love
  8. Moving On
  9. Getting Over You
  10. Kiss It Goodbye
  11. Hurt No One
  12. Together Burning Bright
  13. Machine
  14. Disaster
  15. Put Me Out (Acoustic)
  16. I Come Alive (Acoustic)
  17. Together Burning Bright (Acoustic)

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