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Acoustic Volume 2 - Blue Variant


Acoustic Volume 2 - Blue Variant

SHIPPING NOTICE: This is a presale item set to ship around 09/26/2018

Acoustic Volume 2 LP - Aqua Blue
Pre-Order includes instant download of the new single 'It Don't Exist' and 'Sick Sick Sick' and a full album download upon release date

Track List:
Side A
1. Sick Sick Sick
2. Mary
3. It Don't Exist
4. Duality
5. Landing Feet First
Side B

1. Howard
2. Blame It On Bad Luck
3. I Can't Go On
4. Pigsty
5. I Think I'll Be Ok
6. Devotion and Desire

LP Colors:
D2C/Webstore Screenprinted Version (Initial Pressing: 200 units): Black 180 gram
D2C/Webstore - Aqua Blue (Initial Pressing: 1,750 units)

Release Date is September 28th 2018

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