Identity Crisis


Identity Crisis

Their 2nd album, released in 2000, defines the sound that Thrice is striving for-the dynamics and emotion of hardcore with the melody and harmony of pop-punk. The 12-track CD has a little something for everyone, ranging from the harmonies of 'In Your Hands', to the pseudo-metal 'Torch to End All Torches', to the post-hardcore feel of 'To What End'.

  1. Killala: The Main Theme
  2. French March
  3. McCarthy Theme/Looting
  4. Treacy's Barnyard Dance
  5. Irish March: March of the Mayomen/Uilleann Pipes Lament
  6. Killala: The Main Theme
  7. Irish March: March of the Mayomen
  8. Cúnla/Yearling Fair Reel
  9. Killala: Opening Theme/Killala: Coach Ride
  10. Bolero: Mccarthy's Arrest
  11. McCarthy Theme/Wandering
  12. French March/Cooper's Tune
  13. Hanging/Sean Ó Di
  14. Killala: The Main Theme

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