Extra Medium Kickball Star (17)


Extra Medium Kickball Star (17)

Originally released in Sept. of 1998 on Cool Guy Records, Extra Medium Kickball Star (17) is the perfect introduction to Fifteen=B9s music and everything the band stands for. They believe in social changes, in questioning the world around you, and in making a difference, not just talking about it. This CD also includes the One Man Running EP - 'Stress'. A portion of the proceeds (equaling 5% of the suggested retail list price) earned by the artist and Sub City Records from the sale of this title will be donated to Any Positive Change.

  1. Front
  2. Chris' Song
  3. Run II
  4. The Deal
  5. Grow Up
  6. Emancipation Proclamation
  7. Over & Over
  8. Intelligence
  9. Jesus
  10. Rainbow Connection
  11. Violation II
  12. Liberation II
  13. Did You Know?
  14. Roadie Revolution
  15. Here by the Shore
  16. Algebra
  17. Windfall
  18. Johnny Come Lately
  19. Trustfund Junkie
  20. Termaline

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