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Punk Side Story


Punk Side Story

Three words: genius, pure genius. Schlong basically got together with a whole bunch of their friends and decided to record a drunken, spastic version of West Side Story in its entirety. The results are just hysterical, with not one stone left unturned. Schlong and company retell this modern day Romeo and Juliet story, only with more of an absurd twist. Everything from their sloppy rendition of the "Jet Song" to the male/female dual screaming of "Tonight" to "I Feel Pretty," which is led by an off key baritone and screechy vocals, can all be found here. But the highlight is "Dance at the Gym," which jumps from sloppy speed metal to danceable ska to country to a slow-dance love ballad. Even if Schlong go out of their way to completely butcher this entire soundtrack, it's their way of introducing one of the last great musicals to a whole new generation of...punks. ~ Mike DaRonco

  1. Prologue - Macarthur, David Mello, Pat Mello
  2. Jet Song - Jack Canada
  3. Something's Coming - Andy Asp
  4. Dance at the Gym - Schlong
  5. Maria - Andy Asp
  6. America - Melissa MacArthur, , Perry Stauffer
  7. Tonight - Andy Asp, Melissa MacArthur
  8. Gee, Officer Krupke! - Jack Canada
  9. I Feel Pretty - Melissa MacArthur
  10. One Hand, One Heart - Andy Asp, Melissa MacArthur
  11. Quintet - Everyone
  12. Rumble - Gavin MacArthur, David Mello, Pat Mello
  13. Somewhere - Andy Asp, Melissa MacArthur
  14. Cool
  15. Boy Like That/I Have a Love - Katrina Ford, Melissa MacArthur
  16. Finale - Gavin MacArthur, David Mello, Perry Stauffer

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