There For Tomorrow      


[Enhanced Movie]

Re: Creations Documentary
Deathbed Music Video

Rare Japanese version of the otherwise only digital release. Very limited quantity made, but we snagged some extra for our webstore. Get it before its gone!! Includes album information in Japanese.

  1. Small World
  2. Re: Burn
  3. Re: Deathbed
  4. Soul Full Solace (Interlude)
  5. Re: Stories
  6. Small World (DallasK Remix)
  7. The World Calling (Twerkshop Remix)
  8. Waiting (Acoustic) *Japan Bonus Track

Hopeless Records ID: 124238 Catalog ID: 1535 SKU: T4T0RECR00-CD00 Created: 1/20/2011
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