New Found Glory      

Mega Movie

Mega Movie Bundle
Are you a MEGA MOVIE FAN? Are you a MEGA NFG FAN? This bundle will feed all your collector needs!

Deluxe CD w/ DVD case - Comes with sticker sheet, postcard, patch and pin inside!
Deluxe CD is an AUDIO disc in a Blu-Ray case. Limited to 500 worldwide.

Very Cold Sisters 44oz Collectible Cup
Time Travel Car 44oz Collectible Cup
Italian Boxing Guy 44oz Collectible Cup

Very Cold Sisters Baby Blue T-Shirt
Time Travel Car Black T-Shirt
Italian Boxing Guy Cardinal Red T-Shirt

Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on May 3rd)
Instant tracks 'The Power Of Love' and "This Is Me" (sent via email at time of purchase)

Track List:
1. Cups
2. This Is Me
3. The Power Of Love
4. Let It Go
5. Accidentally In Love
6. A Thousand Years
7. Eye Of The Tiger

Album release date is May 3rd 2019

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